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21 May 2008 @ 01:21 am
of course we have a fandom...all my RP's have fandoms...because i write them and i said so :p  
Title: Living Dreams and Precious Illusions
Author: ladybrighid3333
Notes: this is only a fragment of a longer work that's going to be worked on over this summer. I cut some of what I've written today out since i haven't filled in the blank between. :)...I blame you all for screwing with the premise of this story and completely erasing what it was originally going to be...but Oh, well. >>; It's no longer inspired-by KH/WR...but actually a post-KH/WR retelling...written in the style of The Neverending Story(the red-and-green print edition from doubleday because i'm not going to be cruel to you).
Dedication: Song, this part's mostly for you. Though Brandon gets a mention.

Many long years had passed. Emmy was glad to be on Earth. Though certainly, being home hadn’t been easy. Her family had been…only on amicable terms with her decision to move in with her boyfriend two years after the return home for good. Keeping a good relationship with them had been a bit of a struggle, though things seemed to have settled into fairly good terms now.

Now she was married, with a little girl and an older boy, Ayslyn and Rai, both adopted children from other nations. Today, she was wearing a blue chrysanthemum and phoenix cheongsam with her hair pulled up into a bun, the only hair down being the two thick strands of hair that fell before her ears. Rai was out visiting Brandon since he’d come back recently from a long trip. She laughed a little, remembering the stories Rai always came back with…secondhand stories she’d heard many times before. Rai’s favorite ones always being Brandon’s tales about loyalty and honor and of course, Brandon’s magic. She had let Rai keep his Japanese ‘first name’ as his American first name, and it suited him well. ‘Trust, lightning, and thunder.’ It suited him and his primary focus of interest in Brandon’s tales.

She smiled down at her little girl as she picked her up to get ready for bed. That’s when the usual protests began, “I don’t wanna go to bed yet! I wanna story!” And the tugging of the two strands of hair that hung in the girl’s reach. She chuckled, easing her hair out of the grasping fingers of the ten year old whose behavior patterns still resembled a two year old, unfortunately. Both Rei and Ayslyn had been special adoptions, though Rei’s home life had been more calm than little Ayslyn’s, whose adopted name had been symbolic of her past and similarities to one of Emmy’s own mental bonds. “You want a story do you, Ayslyn? Well, first we need to get ready for bed first. Stories don’t happen until you’re ready for them. The Angel of Stories only comes to life when she knows someone’s ready for bed or when there is time for it. Then when the person’s ready for sleep, the stories become real, thanks to the Angel of Dreams. Don’t ever be afraid of the Angel of Dreams…she has good intentions, even when she scares you.”

She smiled, helping her daughter into her night clothes and making sure she brushed her teeth. Then she sat down on the futon on the floor with her, edging up against the wall, so that she could hold Ayslyn in her lap. “What story this time?”

The little girl shrugged and she smiled, "Well, then…I’ll tell you a story that started a long time ago…."

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a very well-meaning scholar. He had six apprentices. His followers worked diligently…examining the properties of light and darkness. Unfortunately, the people began to fight over the light because they loved it so much more than the darkness. His followers ended up sacrificing themselves to the dark, seeking more light believing that the heart was the key to light. Unfortunately, they lost their hearts in the process of succumbing to darkness. The kingdom fell apart. Only the children had enough shimmers of light to survive…They were the ones who rebuilt the world. Unfortunately, they did not know enough nor have enough light to rebuild the world completely…Instead, they built the world into smaller worlds…They created boundaries to prevent these worlds from falling completely to darkness again.

She looked down as she paused, smiling as she noted that her daughter was asleep in her arms. She smiled, tucking the young girl into her bed. She lay down next to her daughter on the bed, gazing out the window at the stars, remembering that the stars were worlds out there. She’d never forgotten. She’d never let herself forget.

“Angel of Dreams, grant my child the sweetest of memories. Help her to grow and to learn and to dream. She is but a child, but they are the ones with the light…They are the ones that will guide you home.” She murmured, looking out the window, remembering just how much she wanted to trust the Angel of Dreams from her memories and how afraid everyone else was of her. Dreams were powerful… She knew that. She’d always known that. Everyone else had offered forgiveness. But she’d always done more than that. She’d kept her arms open the whole time. She’d been happy for Songbird. Glad Songbird had found a place. She might not agree with the Organization’s methods…but she always knew Songbird had the best intentions regardless of what she did. Whether Songbird’s promises were empty or not, hadn’t mattered. She’d always been ready to meet the Angel of Dreams, to be the guide as needed. As she had told the Angel one afternoon, ‘I believe in at least facing the unknown and thinking outside the box.’ She didn’t necessarily agree with the Dreaming, but she wouldn’t have prevented it. She knew what her Dreaming would look like. She had had it down to an art. A world she’d painted of both fantasy and reality. Of memory and myth. She had painted an elaborate design into her dreams. It was one of the reasons she didn’t answer the Refugees pleas for how to stop dreams or prevent access to forbidden memories. She could have and she knew she had enough training in Earth-Magic to do just that…But she wouldn’t. She was going to let them find their own ways. They’d improvised before, and she knew they would improvise again.

She’d remembered giving Song a rough picture of what her dreaming would look like in one of her own dreams once… It was…interesting, given that she’d built it not only from her own vision of the dreaming, but also that of the characters she was bound with.

Aeslyn’s nightmare of roses had been transformed when combined with Ritsuka and Soubi’s ideal of a day of memories in the park together, the roses had become the boundary of the whole world with Soubi and Ritsuka’s park inside at the center. Bakura’s fear of his own shadow had been transformed with his dream of love and family—of his own lost sister. Zetsu’s dream of acceptance had melded with Aeslyn’s own dream for the same. The world was beautiful. A room full of toys, a duck pond, a beautiful garden. Houses ranging in shape from towerlike city buildings to common houses, to a red ornate pagoda with a black rose emblem above the entrance. Softly, she had stepped out into the dream she had painting her own views—one of the simple common houses. In the doorway stood a man with his long wavy hair flowing down below his shoulders as he shook his head, pulling it back into a high ponytail. A cat sat on the ground by his feet, her tail wrapped around her body. She glanced back at the Angel of Dreams who merely nodded, looking around. She’d also taken great care in dreaming physical bodies for the people in her mind…giving them their freedom…their own person. She leaned back against the man, amused by how real she’d made everything feel…from mannerisms to location. She’d tried to make everything as she would have viewed it. She’d made an ideal and she’d balanced it well for an ideal. She’d given those in her mind the ability to dream as well. Their dreams and their nightmares. She saw how it grew into being…

She dreamed herself, letting herself fall into the Dreaming she’d created long ago. She’d always been able to make it central in her dreams. Song and Xemnas may have not been able to create the Dreaming of Living Dreams, but they’d been able to keep the Precious Illusion thanks to the Dreamer.

It had become the meeting point long ago. At the entrance to the world—a door shaped from vines, she turned to face it as it opened. “Angel of Dreams.” She didn’t hide the tears that came naturally at the familiar face.

She saw them now fully as she stood outside "her house". She saw the world fully. Saw how she’d made this world real. There would be troubles…but that was a part of living. She didn’t want a pure dream, but she didn’t want a total nightmare. She’d made the balance just sure enough that it wouldn’t be a useless world. She knew Song was only looking at the bright side and she noticed the distantly upset look in the Angel of Dreams’s eyes as some of the pain came into play as usual. Tori still had the limp she had as a child. Aes’s small frame had not changed, and she looked so fragile as she practiced her taijutsu near her family house with an extremely concentrated look, proving herself to be a strong daughter.

Emmy sighed, walking back toward the Angel of Dreams, honesty showing through in the most gentle fashion. “Dreams can’t only be good, Song. Nightmares tell us what we need to do. It’s our intuition and subconscious. I dream up a beautiful reality, but it needs to be balanced. Worlds need moderation, you know. They wouldn’t know this world was safe and beautiful if they forgot pain…if they forgot the past. I wouldn’t either. I don’t want to forget where I’ve been, Song.”
Anzilaanzila on May 21st, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
I love the imagery in this. Here's hoping we get a happy ending like this in the real RP.
Songbirdsongbird9 on May 22nd, 2008 12:46 am (UTC)

.... can't think of words, really. Just a smile. Here's another. ^_^

I'm curious about all those other names, though. Story characters of yours?
Emmyladybrighid3333 on May 22nd, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
From my dreaming? Soulbonds... Bakura from YuGiOh, Aeslyn is a friend's Naruto OC--technically an AU of Naruto, Ritsuka & Soubi from Loveless, Zetsu from Naruto(though the one in my head is from the AU Aeslyn is from).

Ayslyn and Rai are new characters. I was looking for names that would be kinda symbolic and cute. Ayslyn is a variant of Ashlynn which means 'dream' in Irish/Gaelic and Rai...as stated in the story 'trust, lightning, thunder'
Emmyladybrighid3333 on May 22nd, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
oh...and Tori's one of my originals...though she's gotten several reincarnations. :)